The UK PETtrac Pet MicroChip Database

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An overview of PETtrac Database Services and Products
Different services provided by the PETtrac Database service have been listed below for your convenience. Clicking on a specific item will take you to a page with more information.

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Update Database

Once your pet has been MicroChipped it is vital that you keep your contact details up to date. This is most important when you change address or take on a pet as a new keeper.

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AVID Pet Insurance

As a valued customer we want to ensure that your pet is not only covered if they go missing, but also in other aspects of their life.

We would like to introduce you to AVID Pet Insurance, which offers a range of features that cover your pet for unforeseen eventualities.

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Engraved Collar Tags

Even though your pet has been MicroChipped you might want to have additional identification in the form of an engraved collar tag from AVID.

In fact you might not realise this, but by law a dog must wear a collar tag or similar identification when out in a public place.

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MicroChip Cat Flap

The pet microchip cat flap from SureFlap identifies cats using their unique pet identification microchip, unlocking only for your pets and preventing strays and neighbourhood cats from entering your home.

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PETtrac Plus

PETtrac Plus is an enhanced registration service for pets which are MicroChipped and registered with the UK PETtrac Pet MicroChip Database, offering a variety of benefits.

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Having your pet MicroChipped is a simple procedure that will identify your pet for life. We have listed some of the common questions that pet owners have about pet MicroChips.

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