Pet Identification MicroChips & Scanners

AVID Pet MicroChips

High quality ISO standard pet MicroChips to identify all species of animals (dogs, cats, horses etc), supplied in a choice of gun and syringe MicroChip implanter styles

  • High quality ISO pet MicroChips
  • Sharp double-cut bevelled needles
  • Parylene C Anti-migratory coating
  • Choice of implanter styles
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AVID Pet MicroChip Scanners / Readers

AVID pet MicroChip scanners (readers) include models which are capable of reading all four current companion animal standards used world wide

  • High quality pet MicroChip scanners
  • Models with extended read-range
  • Battery powered & repairable
  • Bluetooth™ versions available
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AVID MicroChip Registration Services

Register pet MicroChips via our bespoke website, practice management systems (using VetXML and VetEnvoy), our mobile apps or A5 paper forms.

  • Bespoke mobile-friendly website
  • Mobile apps for smartphones & tablets
  • Using VetXML through supported systems
  • Handy A5 carbon copy paper forms
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AVID MicroChip Accessories

If you're a MicroChip implanter then these accessories can help protect your products and improve the services you offer to your MicroChip clients.

  • Scanner lanyards
  • Sharps containers
  • Scanner Wallholders
  • Keyring containing a MicroChip
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