FREE MicroChip Transfer from Breeder To New Keeper

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FREE pet MicroChip Transfer from breeder to new keeperUnder the compulsory microchipping legislation in England, Scotland and Wales, dogs now need to be microchipped AND registered on a compliant microchip database before the age of 8 weeks or before they are transferred to a new keeper if this is earlier.

How can AVID help us with this?
The concern for most breeders and vets who work with those breeders is that they will get charged for registering the pet to the breeder and then re-registering to the new keeper. With AVID pet microchips this is not the case.

How does it work?
The AVID MicroChip is implanted and registered as normal, where you record them as the breeder. They set up an account which is configured to show the microchips registered to them. It's then possible for them to be transferred online to the new keeper at no charge!

Okay, I'm interested - can I have samples and pricing please?
Of course! If you'd like samples & pricing or just have questions about how the system works then please call 01273 408720   or   freephone 0800 652 7 977 or complete the simple form here .

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