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Compulsory MicroChipping of dogs legislation
Under the compulsory microchipping legislation in England, Scotland and Wales, dogs now need to be microchipped AND registered on a compliant microchip database before the age of 8 weeks or before they are transferred to a new keeper if this is earlier.

FREE online transfers
The concern for most breeders (and vets who work with those breeders) is that they will get charged for registering the pet to the breeder and then re-registering to the new keeper. With AVID pet microchips this is not the case.

Okay, how does it work?
The AVID MicroChip is implanted, registered and the breeder is recorded as normal. Next, the breeder sets up an account which will show them all MicroChips registered to them. It's then possible for the pet to be transferred online to the new keeper at no charge!

Okay, I'm interested - can I have samples and pricing please?
Of course! If you would like samples & pricing or even if you just have more questions you'd like answered, please give one of our team of experts a call on 01273 408720

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