Pet MicroChip Scanners / Readers

A good pet MicroChip scanner is vital
Whether you are working in practice, as an animal warden or in a rescue centre, having a reliable MicroChip scanner is a worthwhile investment.

Read Range
Some of the AVID MiniTracker models can read MicroChips up to 12 cms away which makes them a great choice for everyday scanning of dogs, cats and even horses.

When you purchase an AVID pet MicroChip scanner you are making an investment in a scanner which can last for many years. Rather than having to buy a whole new scanner if it breaks, we offer a cost effective repair service.

AVID MiniTracker Range

The AVID MiniTracker range is the perfect pet MicroChip scanner for every day use by vets, rescue centres, dog wardens and pet owners.

  • Compact & pocket sized
  • Upto 12 cm read-range
  • Models which read all MicroChip protocols
  • NEW : Models now available with Bluetooth™ connectivity!
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AVID PowerTracker Range

The AVID PowerTracker range is suitable for environments where the requirement is for a more robust scanner, in particular quarantine and Pet Travel Scheme animal reception centres.

  • Robust scanner
  • Extended read-range
  • Re-chargeable battery
  • Models which feature memory and PC connectivity
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AVID WandReader Range

The AVID WandReader offers all the advantages of the AVID MiniTracker with the addition of a 4" coil on a waterproof, solid and flexible extension arm - great for dangerous animals!

  • Great for dangerous animals or those with unknown temperament
  • Extended read-range
  • Tough and durable materials
  • On handle read switch
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