ISO 9001 Certified

AVID Plc are ISO 9001 Certified. Clients old and new can be assured that continual improvement and development are paramount to ensure we deliver the best possible service at a competitive price.

AVID were assisted with attaining their ISO 9001 Certification by UKICM.

Paul Apps of UKICM says: "The benefits ISO Certification are numerous, however 'getting all your ducks in a row' and ensuring your systems are the best they can be, your staff are as well trained as they can be and your attention to delivering your client requirements in a professional, swift and cost effective manner sits above all.

AVID have worked arduously, over the last months, to prepare for an independent audit from a Leading UK Accredited Certification Body."

Paul continues "Avid have shown clear commitment to this whole process with a passion for delivering the best possible service to its dedicated clients. Holding this certification also gives Avid a great competitive edge when tendering for new business...Well done!"