BACKtrac - Actively reconciling implanted MicroChips

Actively reconciling implanted MicroChips and the PETtrac MicroChip database.

The problem
In 2003 AVID recognised that there was a problem with postal MicroChip registrations - forms were getting lost in the post on a daily basis.

Electronic Registration Helps
Yes, customers were beginning to use the online MicroChip registration via the website, but too many pet MicroChips were going un-registered and it was felt that there should be some way to correct this.

The Solution - BACKtrac
It is a simple concept, but highly effective. The pet MicroChip is implanted as usual, and the form sent off to the UK PETtrac Database. Once an entire batch of MicroChips has been implanted the veterinary practice or rescue centre sends off a card with the MicroChips which they have implanted.

The PETtrac Database then checks this list against the pet MicroChips registered on the database to ensure that they have been registered successfully, and should any MicroChips be found unregistered then the organisation was contacted to obtain the missing information.

Simple, effective and proven to work! It might seem like a simple process but it is unique to AVID MicroChips and the UK PETtrac Database, and provides an additional safety net for those implanting pet MicroChips and the very pets that the MicroChip is designed to protect.

Aren't there similar systems with other MicroChip companies?
The BACKtrac safety-net provided by AVID must not be confused with services offered by other companies where you return a card to them containing batch numbers of MicroChips you have purchased. All MicroChips sold by AVID are automatically recorded to the organisation to which they are sold BEFORE they are even shipped. The BACKtrac safety-net is an enhancement of this already comprehensive service.

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