About Our Company

Pet MicroChips, scanner and database

AVID designs, manufactures and supplies our own pet MicroChips and scanners - something we have been doing for over 32 years in the UK.

Alongside this, we manage the PETtrac Database, allowing us to provide a database which perfectly complements our MicroChip products.

We care about reunification
As our core business is helping to reunite missing pets with their owners, we manage our own tailor made systems to do this as effectively and efficiently as possible.

We passionately believe that by offering excellent customer service alongside our own products and systems, both you (the implanter) and pet owners will benefit from an easy-to-use and reliable service.

It is a simple principle. The task of delivering it is more sophisticated and something that we are passionate about doing well, by running the PETtrac Database.

The complete microchipping solution for 32 years
As one of the leading pet MicroChip suppliers in the UK, we provide our products and services to veterinary practices, rescue centres, breeders and individual implanters throughout the UK, with a specific purpose to be the one-stop provider for them.

With over 32 years' experience we have managed to develop and improve our product and systems to our customers' requirements.

Further MicroChip product information
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