Check-a-Chip : UK Pet MicroChip Database Identification Tool since 2011

A handy tool to help identify with which UK pet MicroChip database a pet will most likely be registered

Multiple UK MicroChip Databases?
There are now multiple pet MicroChip Databases in the UK, all working to reunite pets with their owners.

The databases work together to ensure that the keeper details are given out to authorised organisations, ensuring pets are reunited with their owners as soon as possible.

The UK PETtrac Database for example has freephone numbers and if a call is received which relates to a non-PETtrac MicroChip it can be immediately transferred to the appropriate database, removing the need for the caller to re-dial.

And check-a-chip was launched in 2011
It was still believed that a tool which could help vets, rescue centres, dog wardens and pet owners alike was required - and that is how was born.

It really is quite straight forward - simply enter the pet's MicroChip number and press search. The system then returns the most appropriate point of contact for that MicroChip, and if it is a PETtrac MicroChip will tell you whether or not it has been registered.

Since then this functionality has been added to the main PETtrac website and also groundbreaking smartphone apps for MicroChip implanters, allowing them access to this information anywhere there is a data connection.

An automated telephone service arrives in 2014!
In 2014, the UK PETtrac Database has launched a new automated telephone service helping to identify the normal point of registration for a UK an instant!

Quick and simple to use, just dial the telephone number and key in the MicroChip number when prompted. The Check-a-Chip service will then analyse the MicroChip number and return the contact details for the most likely point of registration for the MicroChip.

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Check-a-chip pet microchip reunification tool