Simple & Instant Pet MicroChip Registration

Registration Website

Simple to use registration through our bespoke website, featuring autocomplete fields and rapid-entry postcode software. Quick and simple registration, allowing re-use of details to register a litter of pets!

  • Instant pet MicroChip registration
  • Responsive design means it is mobile friendly
  • Search for details of a pet MicroChip
  • NEW: Electronic transfer system for rescue centres
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MicroChip Registration Via Practice Maanagement Systems

Leading the way in pet MicroChip registration developments, AVID has been allowing vets and rescue centres to register their pet MicroChips through their own software since 2009.

  • Instant registration of pet MicroChips
  • No need to re-enter pet & keeper details
  • Print a receipt for your clients
  • Utilises VetXML and VetEnvoy
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AVID MicroChip Registration Services

Since 2013, AVID has offered a free app for Android and Apple smartphones and tablets for registering newly MicroChipped pets and retrieving information for found stray animals.

  • Apps for Android and iOS devices
  • Quick & simple registration
  • Barcodes can be scanned using the camera
  • Register & search whilst you are off-site
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Online  |  Mobile Apps  |  Practice Management Systems

AVID is at the forefront of pet MicroChip technology and that is also true of the way in which you can register pet MicroChips that you implant.

Originally, paper registration forms were the way in which all pet MicroChips were registered, but for many years AVID has had a tailor made website, to simplify and guarantee pet MicroChip registration. The online registration system has recently been re-designed to offer more services and options.

Then in 2009 AVID became the first company to offer pet MicroChip registrations directly from supporting veterinary practice and rescue centre management systems, using the VetXML Schema and VetEnvoy service.

The majority of AVID customers are registering their pet MicroChips electronically since the instant registration gives instant peace of mind, but you can choose whichever method suits you best.

Paper Registration Options

A5 Carbon Copy Registration Forms

We understand that instant electronic pet MicroChip registration from AVID might not be convenient for everyone.

If this is the case AVID can provide A5 carbon copy registration pads, with pre-paid envelopes to be able to send them to the UK PETtrac Database - naturally this is included free within the price that you pay for the pet MicroChip.

Electronic Registration Guarantee

Instant Pet MicroChip Registration In The UK

Register an AVID MicroChip electronically on the UK PETtrac Database and within a few seconds, after receiving a confirmation message, the pet is registered - guaranteed!

To support your professional image, when you register an AVID MicroChip electronically before 3pm on a working weekday, your client's registration certificate will be sent out the same day.