FriendChip Mini

  • FriendChip Mini

    •   Smaller gauge needle
    •   Professional syringe
    •   Sharp needles
    •   Anti-migratory coating
    •   Registration included
    •   No hidden charges
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High quality ISO pet MicroChips

The AVID FriendChip is a high quality, professional product using a custom made Monoject syringe. The all-in-one syringe features a high quality ISO standard MicroChip with anti-migratory coating, to help minimise the chances of migration.

The MicroChips are pre-loaded in sharp, double-cut bevelled edge, stainless steel needles in a sterilised package ready-to-use.

A choice of MicroChip sizes

The smaller MicroChip has a comparable read-range to the regular MicroChip, but we also supply the regular 12mm MicroChip which might be more suitable for some species of animals. We will of course advise which is best suited to your usage when you place your order with us.

Instant MicroChip registration

All AVID MicroChips are supplied with registration on the UK PETtrac MicroChip Database at no extra charge, either electronically or on paper forms.