Check-a-chip Automated Telephone Service

Thu, 23 Oct 2014

The UK PETtrac Database has launched a new automated telephone service helping to identify the normal point of registration for a UK MicroChip in an instant!

Launched at BVNA Congress 2014 the new Check-a-Chip service received a great response.

In 2011, AVID MicroChips and the UK PETtrac Database launched a website to assist pet owners, vets, dog wardens and rescue centres in identifying which database they needed to contact.

Since then this functionality has been added to the main PETtrac website and also ground-breaking smartphone apps for MicroChip implanters, allowing them access to this information anywhere there is a data connection.

There are however a lot of people who don't have access to these internet services or who aren't comfortable using the internet and it's for these reasons that PETtrac have launched the automated phone service.

Quick and simple to use, just dial the telephone number and key in the MicroChip number when prompted. The Check-a-Chip service will then analyse the MicroChip number and return the contact details for the most likely point of registration for the MicroChip.

This new service is also useful when you just need to locate the database for a pet owner so that they can update the database records.

Simon Clark, manager at AVID Plc and PETtrac, said &ldquoWe're constantly looking to improve our products and services and this is one way that we're helping to make our services available to more people&rdquo.

As always our 24 hour lost and found hotline remains and is complemented by this new automated system.

To use the check-a-chip service simply call 0203 77 38 39 8.

As always we value customer feedback on our products and services and would welcome any feedback you have by calling freephone 0800 652 7 977.

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