New AVID MicroChip Registration Website

Mon, 14 Nov 2011

AVID, manufacturer and supplier of pet MicroChip products, has released a new and improved
version of it's MicroChip registration system to further benefit veterinary practices, rescue centres
and other MicroChip implanters.

AVID manages and maintains the 24hr UK PETtrac Database for lost and found MicroChipped
pets the continual developments in the services and systems allow a MicroChip to be registered
instantly rather than filling out and posting a paper form, providing complete peace of mind for the
pet owner as well as representing a time saving to the organisation when registering.

MicroChip Plus is a brand new implanter section which has some exciting features :

  • MicroChip Usage - Detailing the number of pet MicroChips implanted with species breakdown
  • MicroChipping Targets - To set and meet MicroChipping targets for a given period of time
  • Generate Posters- Generate your own customised posters to advertise MicroChipping
  • Missing Pets - Information on MicroChipped pets missing in your area
  • Found Pets - Statistics on pets that have been reunited thanks to MicroChips you implanted

As part of the intelligent design of the system, all microchips registered are checked to ensure they
are valid numbers and that they were sold to the organisation registering them.

The simple to use registration system with built in postcode software has been improved to be able
to re-use more details, so that registering a complete litter will take even less time. This is
especially important when MicroChips are being registered by/for breeders.

Denise Chaloner, Manager at AVID Plc says 'AVID MicroChip Plus gives our customers more
control of how they manage pet MicroChipping within their organisation. Listening to feedback has
inspired AVID to develop a more tailor made and efficient system for the end user, also enabling
the generation of reports, statistics and targets.'

The release of this new system demonstrates the commitment AVID has to delivering improved
systems and services for customers - MicroChip implanters and pet owners alike. Customers with
supporting practice management systems may register MicroChips directly from their software
using VetXML and VetEnvoy.

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