Electronic Pet Registration - Now Available Via Teleos

Fri, 02 Jul 2010

Yet another veterinary practice management software provider, Teleos, has introduced the direct pet MicroChip registration system for AVID MicroChips via VetEnvoy, utilising VetXML.

AVID has already seen a huge interest in this new method of registering pet MicroChips, and is pleased to be able to make this available to even more AVID customers, to make the process of registering pet MicroChips on the UK PETtrac Database even easier!

The 24hr UK PETtrac pet MicroChip Database provides three different methods of registering pet MicroChips : directly via supporting practice management systems, via the website at www.avidplc.com and also using paper forms.

Just think of the time and money that the electronic registration methods could save you not to mention that each pet MicroChip is instantly registered!

For more information call 0800 652 7 977 to talk to the AVID MicroChip sales staff today.

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