Customer Feedback and Testimonials

We value customer feedback as it helps us to develop our products and services and meet the needs of our customers. Here's what some of our customers have said.


Just to say you guys have been so helpful with our queries about chips registered to new databases and all the complications of re registering to new owners! It's lovely to be able to get through to you straight away and we really appreciate your help and clear advice. Many thanks!

Tania, Somerset, Wed, 13 Nov 2019


Just wanted to thank Ben for sending me a couple of your new mini microchips in preloaded syringes after a conversation with him.

Sarndra, Liverpool, Wed, 26 Jun 2019


We successfully scanned 417 dogs from 39 Countries from all over the world on one day using 2 scanners. The Avid and another make. I have to say that the Avid scanner was far superior (despite the other one being around the same price). It seemed to pick up the chips quicker and easily and interfaced successfully with our database.

Anon, Mon, 24 Jun 2019


It's been a real pleasure dealing with you- I wish all companies had staff like you with excellent customer care

Lorraine, North Yorkshire , Thu, 05 Jul 2018


The chips and registering has been fantastic and you have always been so helpful.

Thank you.

Nikki, Norwich, Mon, 12 Mar 2018


Avid staff are excellent. They are always very helpful from Sales to Lost and Found Pets to general queries.

As somebody who deals with several microchipping companies, I cannot thank Avid enough for being so easy to deal with.

Everybody there, whether it be Sales, Found Pets or General Enquiries is so helpful and always willing to go the extra mile to help.

I have presented them with things that have been mega problems to everyone else and they have always managed to sort them for me. I am so glad that we changed our old company to Avid.

I can strongly recommend them to anyone looking to microchip. Their sales service is brilliant - order chips one day and get them the next! I really can't say enough good things about this company.

Bev, Margate, Tue, 27 Feb 2018


We were using a cheaper chip company but switched to you due to their appalling customer service and have never had any regrets.

The registration process is so simple and efficient with the paperwork being received in most cases within just a few days. The speed in which they receive their documentation never fails to impress and delight our clients.

Our breeders also like the fact they can change the registered keeper free of charge when they sell their puppies. This has been a real selling point and helped us to both recover and reduce some of the microchip sales that were being lost to non-veterinary microchip implanters.

Chris, Hertfordshire, Thu, 17 Aug 2017


I have found transferring microchip details to the new owners very easy to do. Also when I telephoned for some information, I got through straight away and found the advice I needed, very helpful. Thank you

Claire, Shropshire, Mon, 22 May 2017


Just wanted to express my thanks for a superb service. I called yesterday and initially spoke to Ben, then Richard. Professional yet easy going and polite and friendly. Order placed approx 4.45pm, chips delivered 7.30ish this morning - excellent! Having the chips in a disposable syringe system makes life so much easier than struggling with the pistol grip type applicator.

Emma, Norfolk, Fri, 19 May 2017


On the chips: I love them! I really like the syringe style design and it seems so much easier to use than the other chips which myself and my nurse have used before.

On the app: What we really love is the app! It makes registering it so easy and the barcode scanner is genius!

Charlotte, Sheffield, Mon, 24 Apr 2017


I have been an AVID microchip & PETtrac database user for 9 years now and have nothing but praise for them both.

I have had no problems with migrating chips, and the service team at Avid are efficient, friendly & courteous. Nothing is too much trouble & the turn around time for registering & transferring details is very fast.

Updating details on the PETtrac database is fast & simple using their on-line application.

Keep up the good work AVID & PETtrac, the canine world needs efficient & helpful companies like you!

Serena, Chester, Fri, 30 Sep 2016


Quick and unbelievably easy, registered a litter of 9 in less than 15 minutes.

Wow, fantastic service, couldn't believe how easy registering my litter would be. Helpful staff on the phone and well designed, user friendly online form to complete for each puppy. Would definitely recommend to other breeders.

Sophie, Lincoln, Fri, 02 Sep 2016


The electronic microchip registration has saved us hours of admin time and made it much easier for us and breeders. Our breeders find the online registration very easy to use. The team at Avid are always very helpful, any queries are quick and easy to resolve. As a practice we have all noticed the difference moving to Avid has made.

Kirsty, Worcester, Fri, 02 Sep 2016


Trying to find a company to supply our microchips was a daunting task.

As a charity it's of upmost importance to ensure we get value for money. Being a rescue, it's also important that we are able to ensure the safety of the dogs we rescue on a lifelong basis. Avid has delivered that and more.

From the start, dealing with the support team at AVID has been a pleasure, from first contact, to placing an order, to asking questions, they have always been there, friendly and happy to speak to us. They take the time to ensure all of our questions are answered, and that were completely satisfied, with a firm understanding of the products, and processes. They supplied us free advertising materials which was great as well! I have now recommended every implanted I know to AVID.

If you're looking to purchase chips, and want a reliable, friendly, hard working supplier, then look no further! AVID has absolutely ticked all the boxes for us.

Bella, Derbyshire, Tue, 08 Mar 2016


For the record I think your database system and customer service are superb, I only wish that other companies were half as good.

Andrea, Co. Down, Wed, 02 Mar 2016


An excellent all round service providing first class customer care, first class microchips plus very prompt delivery.

An excellent, easy to use website. Ten out of ten. Many thanks AVID!

Sheila, Sheffield, Wed, 24 Feb 2016


Our rabbit, cat and dog rehoming co-ordinators are all using the mobile app, they find it easy and convenient plus it saves a great deal of time being able to do the chip and registration at the same time.

For the events we use laptops post event, mainly because we complete our own registration form at the event and issue an information leaflet with each chip. We then use the registration process to collate data and also for the online registration.

All in all it seems to work very well and makes the whole process more reliable and less likely to produce errors whilst giving us the data set we also require as a Branch.

Keep up the good work!!

Graeme, Oxfordshire, Wed, 17 Feb 2016


Our rescue formed nearly 9 years ago and Richard and the AVID team have been with us right from the beginning. Other companies have tried to poach us but why would we move? We initially chose AVID because their chips were the cheapest but it's more than that now - they're super friendly and helpful and we get great customer service with next day delivery of chips to any address we choose.

The icing on the cake has been the introduction recently of their mini chips which our vets have trialled and absolutely love - even chipping through tough old tom cat skin isn't a problem with these!

Margaret, Bristol, Fri, 25 Sep 2015


I would just like to say thank you for all the help and guidance both you have given me in re-registering all the microchip records for dogs registered to The Labrador Rescue Trust to their new Keepers. I found the whole system to be very efficient and easy to use.

Hilary, Dorset, Fri, 26 Jun 2015


After experiencing 10 years of service from Avid I am very happy to go on record with my praise for their customer service and the quality of their products. Their microchips are of top standard and we rarely have any problems with them. The scanners they manufacture are reliable and robust and we have achieved consistently good results when using them over many years; they regularly pick up microchips that inferior scanners will miss. Their database services are efficient and easy to use.

Ian, Glasgow, Tue, 23 Jun 2015


We would also like to thank you for your fantastic service! Our microchipping process has been made so much easier since we signed up with Avid PLC, and the clients seem to be having a much more positive experience as well, which is really pleasing.

Kaylee, Folkstone, Wed, 26 Nov 2014


May I also add how impressed I have been each and every time I have called regarding chip information, keeper details or login procedures. I could not fault the service you offer.

Faye, Oldham, Thu, 13 Nov 2014


I would highly recommend AVID to any vets, dog wardens or rescue centres for their use as they have excellent customer relations and customer support in place.

Jo, Derbyshire, Thu, 23 Jan 2014


We tried cheapear alternatives to the AVID microchip, but for convenience and peace of mind found AVID's registration through our practice management system unbeatable.

Justin, Oxfordshire, Wed, 09 Nov 2011