Instant Online Pet MicroChip Registration

Online via your web browser

AVID has long since offered a bespoke website for vets, rescue centres and dog wardens to register AVID pet MicroChips.

AVID's latest version of this website now inlcudes even more features, giving an even better system to customers!

Registering an AVID pet MicroChip
For a lot of users of the system it is as simple as logging in and registering the MicroChip.

Additional features
  • MicroChip Search - Retrieve details for found MicroChipped animals
  • Pet MicroChip Registration History - See a record of all MicroChips implanted in the past 12 months
  • Pet MicroChip Usage - Detailing the number of pet MicroChips implanted, comparing the current and previous years - represented graphically and in a data format
  • Missing Pets - The PETtrac Database records the information of pets that are reported missing and you can now see a list of pets in your area that have been reported missing.

Benefits of Registering Online Via Our Website

  • Instant registration - gives immediate peace of mind to your clients
  • Designed and developed for ease of use, in response to feedback from vet practices, rescue centres and dog wardens
  • Pet and keeper details can be entered quickly using autocomplete fields
  • Printed receipts are available to give to your client or for your own records
  • No more paperwork or licking envelopes!

Electronic Registration Guarantee

Instant Pet MicroChip Registration In The UK

Register an AVID MicroChip electronically on the UK PETtrac Database and within a few seconds, after receiving a confirmation message, the pet is registered - guaranteed!

To support your professional image, when you register an AVID MicroChip electronically before 3pm on a working weekday, your client's registration certificate will be sent out the same day.