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Via Practice Management Systems

Leading the way in pet MicroChip registration developments, AVID has been allowing vets and rescue centres to register their pet MicroChips through their own software since 2009.

The benefits are simple - less time completing the MicroChip registration and instant peace of mind for the keeper.

Since you already have all of the pet's and keeper's details on your computer system, why enter them again? Through the use of technologies such as VetXML and VetEnvoy it can literally just take a few seconds to register each MicroChip.

In recent years you will no doubt have seen advertising from AVID with the slogan "Register an AVID chip with just a click!", which is exactly how it works.

Here's what some of our customers say about it...

Electronic Registration Guarantee

Instant Pet MicroChip Registration In The UK

Register an AVID MicroChip electronically on the UK PETtrac Database and within a few seconds, after receiving a confirmation message, the pet is registered - guaranteed!

To support your professional image, when you register an AVID MicroChip electronically before 3pm on a working weekday, your client's registration certificate will be sent out the same day.