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Compulsory MicroChipping For Dogs

What are the changes?

The new legislation is effective from April 6th 2016.

The main changes include the requirement that dogs will need to be MicroChipped by 8 weeks of age, or earlier if they are being transferred to a new keeper before that time.

If being MicroChipped for a breeder, the MicroChip needs to be registered to them first, before transferring the registration to the new keeper.

Here is a quick list of the most notable changes:

View the complete English legislation on the Government website here

The AVID advantage!

AVID have a bespoke system which allows breeders to register and re-register the first transfer free of charge.

A lot of veterinary practices we've spoken to felt that this could be a useful point of difference when they were competing with other neighbouring practices for business. Some practices also mentioned that they see this as becoming an increasing revenue stream for them.

As for dog breeders who are trained to implant their own MicroChips, this will be a clear benefit and something that they are keen to take advantage of.

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Compulsory MicroChipping of Dogs | England, Wales and Scotland
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