Microchipping of Dogs 2016 - An Update

Wed, 29 Jun 2016

Most vets, rescue centres, dog wardens and breeders will now be aware of the changes relating to the microchipping of dogs in England, Scotland and Wales following the introduction of the new legislation in April 2016.

The big difference is that dogs now need to be microchipped AND registered on a compliant microchip database before the age of 8 weeks or before they are transferred to a new keeper if this is earlier.

This is the area about which we have received most questions, especially as vets are now having to implant microchips for more and more breeders who would have previously not chipped the pets.

The concern for most breeders and vets who work with those breeders is that they will get charged for registering the pet to the breeder and then re-registering to the new keeper.  With AVID pet microchips this is not the case.

A simple solution
AVID, which manages the UK PETtrac MicroChip Database, has a bespoke system which allows breeders to update these details for free when completed online.  And it's as simple as entering the new keeper's details.  What is even better is that the vet can still register the microchips as usual and they will automatically be available for re-registration once the account has been initially set-up.

Not only is this free of charge, but the new keeper will still receive a paper certificate to confirm their details - normally within a couple of days of the update.

Do you still have questions about compulsory microchipping?
If you still have questions about compulsory microchipping of dogs in England, Scotland and Wales or would like to know more about the microchips or database registration services provided by AVID then please call freephone 0800 652 7 977.

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