AVID Joins Vet-XML Consortium

Tue, 06 Oct 2009

AVID is now a member of the Vet-XML Consortium, and is helping to define the schema which will be used for electronic MicroChip registrations in an xml data format.

AVID already offers direct electronic registration in to the PETtrac MicroChip Database via the website, www.avidplc.com, and through some software packages.

Through the use of xml, which is a commonly defined standard, it will enable more software companies to implement direct MicroChip registration for AVID MicroChips more easily. This is being made simpler through the use of VetEnvoy.

For more details on how these electronic MicroChip registration services could benefit your veterinary practice or organisation please see the Intelligent Registration section on this website, or contact AVID on 0800 652 7 977.

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