Register Pet MicroChips Instantly via Our Bespoke Website

AVID has long since offered a bespoke website for vets, rescue centres and dog wardens to register AVID pet MicroChips.

But now everything has changed! In November 2011, AVID launched a brand new version of this website, giving an even better system to customers.

Pet MicroChip registration is nothing new, but the new features brought to the system were ground breaking - have a look below at them now and see how you could benefit if you were using AVID MicroChips:

View a video demo of the MicroChip registration process, and switch today!

Pet MicroChip Registration Pet MicroChip Registration
An simple and easy way to register pet MicroChips, more quickly than using paper forms and with the guarantee that the MicroChip is instantly registered
Pet MicroChip Search Pet MicroChip Search
Enabling authorised organisations such as vets, rescue centres and dog wardens access to the UK PETtrac Database for reuniting lost pets
Pet MicroChip Registration History Pet MicroChip Registration History
At a glance see the last registered MicroChips from your organisation.
MicroChip Plus MicroChip Plus
A brand new implanter section which has some new and exciting features, giving more control and information to the customer.

MicroChip Plus is a new suite of tools:

Pet MicroChip Usage Pet MicroChip Usage
Detailing the number of pet MicroChips implanted, comparing the current and previous years - represented graphically and in a data format
Pet MicroChip Usage - Breakdown Pet MicroChip Usage - Breakdown
Not only can you see the quantity used, but you can also break this down further to the species you implant
Pet MicroChipping Targets Pet MicroChipping Targets
This tool enables you to set targets for the number of MicroChips that you would like to have implanted within a certain period of time - see real time updates of your progress!
Generate Posters Generate Posters
If you are running a promotion on pet MicroChipping and need a personalised poster simply enter the information you would like to have displayed and it will generate a PDF for you instantly to print out.
Missing Pets Missing Pets
The PETtrac Database records the information of pets that are reported missing and you can now see a list of pets in your area that have been reported missing.
Found Pets Found MicroChipped Pets
Statistics on pets that have been reunited thanks to their pet MicroChips which you implanted - this way you can see the part you play in reuniting lost pets

View a video demo of the MicroChip registration process, and switch today!

We understand that instant electronic pet MicroChip registration might not be convenient to everyone; if this is the case AVID will provide A5 carbon copy registration pads, with pre-paid envelopes to be able to send them to the UK PETtrac Database - naturally this is included free within the price that you pay for the pet MicroChip.

Do you have questions about AVID's easy to use microchip registration options?
Call Monday - Friday 9am-5:30pm, call free on 0800 652 7 977 or email us.

Vet & Implanter Login

Vet & Implanter Login
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Pet MicroChip Products

Pet MicroChip Products
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Pet Owners Section

Pet Owners Section
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Latest AVID News
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