Instant Pet MicroChip Registration, direct from practice software

Leading the way in pet MicroChip registration developments, AVID has been allowing vets and rescue centres to register their pet MicroChips through their own software since 2009.

The benefits are simple - less time completing the MicroChip registration and instant peace of mind for the pet owner. Since you already have all of the pet's and owner's details on your computer system, why enter them again? Through the use of technologies such as VetXML and VetEnvoy it can take literally seconds to register each MicroChip.

Register AVID chips with just a clickIn recent years you will no doubt have seen advertising from AVID with the slogan "Register an AVID chip with just a click!", which is exactly how it works.

But don't just take our word for it...

Customer feedback is part of what encourages AVID to develop and improve. Here is some of the latest feedback from AVID customers :

"We tried cheaper alternatives to the AVID microchip, but for convenience and peace of mind found AVID's on line registration through our practice management system unbeatable"
"We no longer have to think about the microchipping side of things as its all done for you once the number has been added. In the long term this will save us so much time. The first time I used it I was amazed at how simple it was, you really do not have to do anything apart from enter the number to the animals details. Do not think you could make it any better or easier!"
"Border Collie Trust GB are delighted with the complete service offered by AVID. In addition, having used the online registrations through their website and now moved to integrated registration through the Anilog system our administrative tasks in respect of MicroChip registrations have been reduced dramatically. We are grateful for their support in helping rescue dogs."
"AVID contacted us to ask if we would consider registering our microchips on-line as an alternative to using the paper forms. I am surprised at how easy it was to set-up, just a few changes within the PremVet program and it was ready. The registration process is completed on-line as the chip is recorded on the animal card and we are notified of any problems immediately. AVID supported us during the early weeks until we were happy that the new system was working, confirming receipt of our chip numbers and staying in contact, but we didn’t have any problems. We still have forms that print automatically when the chip is entered, for our records and to give to the client, and the Staff are happy that they no longer have to complete them manually. This has definitely been one of the easier changes we have made and I would recommend it."

The following veterinary and rescue software packages support instant registration with AVID MicroChips:
We understand that instant electronic pet MicroChip registration might not be convenient to everyone; if this is the case AVID will provide A5 carbon copy registration pads, with pre-paid envelopes to be able to send them to the UK PETtrac Database - naturally this is included free within the price that you pay for the pet MicroChip.

Do you have questions about AVID's easy to use microchip registration options?
Call Monday - Friday 9am-5:30pm, call free on 0800 652 7 977 or email us.

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