The MicroChip Cat Flap, from Sureflap

MicroChip Cat Flap, by Sure Flap
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The pet microchip cat flap from SureFlap identifies cats using their unique pet identification microchip, unlocking only for your pets and preventing strays and neighbourhood cats from entering your home.

The Sureflap cat flap uses your pet's existing pet MicroChip and does not require a collar or tag to activate, which could become snagged or lost.

The Sure flap cat flap is compatible with all common pet identification MicroChip standards, and will learn your pet's existing MicroChip number using a simple one-button programming action.

It is a quick and easy process to install the cat flap and cat be fitted into doors, walls and windows - it will also fit holes left by most existing cat flaps.

The Sure Flap cat flap is battery operated, which means that you will not have any trailing wires.

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MicroChip Cat Flap At only £79.99 the microchip cat flap will recognises only your cat(s) MicroChips
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